Free pdfnup for Windows (compiled to exe Python script – GPL 3)



pdfnup is a command line tool that allows to layout multiple pages per sheet of a PDF document.

I used it in Linux many times, but couldn’t find free pdfnup for Windows anywhere. Only some trial, limited versions or old Python script that doesn’t work with Python 3.X and 2.7.X – only with 2.5 and 2.6.

I didn’t want to install and use two versions of Python, so I decided to compile this old script on virtual machine using Python 2.6 and py2exe tool, so that now I can run it in everywhere, without a need to install Python 2.6.


There were some small problems (missing libraries, modules, conflicts etc.), but with Google’s help I managed to fix them and compile script.
To save time for others below is a zip archive with all necessary files:

pdfnup (py2exe).zip

Just unpack all files to one directory. If you want to use it without specifying whole path add it to PATH variable.

I just compiled it, all credits go to:

I have to warn, that it’s not the best idea to run „*.exe” files downloaded from some random websites – so if you don’t trust me, but don’t have time for setting up whole environment as I did, it would be wise to run it at least in a sandbox (many anti-virus programs have this feature now and there are standalone sandboxes, too) and after using it scan output PDF file with your AV and/or VirusTotal service.

For ease of use I added most popular commands to Windows (right-click) context menu – together with some other PDF operations – like joining, rotating, splitting, adding blank pages, etc. Probably I will write more about it soon…